Filmgoers in Asian countries tend to be most receptive to product placement in movies, according to a new study from Mediaedge:cia.

The report, based on 11,300 interviews in twenty countries in North and Latin America, Europe and Asia, found that product placement worked best with young audiences, and especially those in Asia.

"In Asia there is a younger audience which welcomes the opportunity to get closer to the Western world," remarked Stephan Bruneau, Mediaedge:cia's UK managing partner and head of MediaLab EMEA.

Mexican filmgoers were most receptive, with 53% of respondents willing to test brands used in movies. It was followed by Singapore (49%), India (35%) and Hong Kong (33%).

In the US, around 26% said they would be influenced by product placement. "As long as it doesn't take over a film, Americans accept product placement as part of life," continued Bruneau. "But they don't necessarily see it as more powerful than TV or outdoor advertising."

European consumers proved less receptive, in particular France (8%), the Netherlands (9%), Finland (14%) and Denmark (14%).

Data sourced from:; additional content by WARC staff