BERLIN: New digital channels such as the iPhone and iPad are influencing print readership trends in Germany, a survey has found.

DDP Direct, the PR agency, commissioned research firm TNS to poll 1,000 adults in a bid to gauge the impact of emerging technologies on popular habits, and found just 9% of contributors never surf the internet, do not own an iPhone or are yet to purchase an iPad.

A further 1% typically opted against reading newspapers and magazines altogether, and 2% failed to deliver a specific response.

For the remaining 88%, approximately 18% planned to reduce their consumption of these titles as a result of a preference for the web, applications or Apple's pioneering electronics products.

An 82% majority intended to maintain similar behaviour from 2010 during the coming 12 months.

But the broader trend seems going forward is towards higher consumption of digital media and fewer readers of print products.

Data sourced from DDP; additional content by Warc staff