BERLIN: Print ads and personalised direct mail are the marketing channels with the highest shopper acceptance levels in Germany, but opt-in newsletters are seen as being the most useful medium.

The Institut für Handelsforschung, the research body, and AZ Direct, the marketing services group, polled 4,000 consumers, and found that 87% had a largely favourable view of newspaper and magazine advertising.

Personally addressed communications from firms with which respondents had established relationships matched this total, trailed by TV spots on 82%. Radio and outdoor generated 77% apiece.

Newsletters provided by companies which buyers had volunteered to receive recorded 56%, ahead of direct mail that is not personally addressed on 70%.

Communications from corporations which consumers do not trade with but is addressed to them individually registered 67%, topping opt-in email on 64%, online banners on 56% and SMS ads on 36%.

In terms of overall usefulness, however, opt-in newsletters logged the best score, on 56%, in front of personalised mail sent by enterprises that participants already bought from, on 52%.

Advertising in newspapers and magazines secured 51%, beating the television equivalent and opt-in emails on 45%. Radio commercials delivered 42% and non-targeted direct mail was on 41%.

Personalised mailshots from organisations which shoppers did not currently purchase from yielded 36% here. Internet banner ads posted 35%, followed by text messages, which came in last place on 30%.

Data sourced from Institut für Handelsforschung; additional content by Warc staff