AMSTERDAM: Some 60% of consumers claim they are buying fewer grocery products as price becomes a key factor in purchasing, according to research conducted in 22 countries around the world by Ipsos MORI Global Advisor.

As argued in a recent article in Admap magazine, low price is not always the best approach, but brands need to understand consumers' "willingness to pay, price sensitivity and perception of value."

The Ipsos/ESOMAR survey of 23,000 consumers found consumers are most price-focused in France, where 66% of French shoppers said price wa the most important factor in determining their purchase decisions. This compared with 55% of British respondents and 40% of Germans.

In France,  80% of respondents also said they were cutting back on grocery goods, a figure falling to 56% in the UK.

Latin America was found to be the worst affected region in the survey, with 75% of respondents saying they had cut back on purchases of food product.

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Data sourced from ESOMAR; additional content by WARC staff