LONDON: Four leading English-language publishers have joined forces to create a new digital advertising proposition that will allow brands to access a combined global audience of 110m readers via the latest programmatic technology.

The Pangaea Alliance brings together the Guardian, CNN International, the Financial Times and Reuters as founding partners, with The Economist, 50%-owned by the Financial Times group, also providing access to advertising inventory.

Initially, Pangaea will offer display solutions both as a standalone product and alongside existing publisher initiatives, including native advertising programmes and publisher trading desks, via the Rubicon Project platform.

As well as the global reach, Pangaea claims the collective audience is made up of highly influential and affluent individuals, with one in four being in the top income segments and one fifth being C-suite/senior management executives.

And as partners will be sharing their first-party data, Pangaea says it will also be able to deliver hyper-targeted campaigns and deeper connections with readers.

Ads will work seamlessly across all the publishers, and advertisers will be able to liaise with just one point of contact for all publishers within the alliance.

While this is an innovation in the world of English-language publishing, Jay Stevens, Rubicon Project International General Manager, noted that Pangaea was the sixth publisher collective Rubicon Project had powered, having already "[brought] competitive publishers together in countries such as France, Denmark and the Czech Republic"

Such publisher collectives, he added, "enable media brands to collaborate and compete for share of media plans against global digital competitors such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn".

Tim Gentry, global revenue director at Guardian News & Media and Pangaea Alliance project lead, noted that the combined audience of 110m "means we're starting to knock on the doors of sites and brands like Twitter, which has 183m [uniques] by the same measure".

He added that "Pangaea's uniqueness lies in the quality of its partners".

"We know that trust is the biggest driver of brand advocacy," he said, "so we have come together to scale the benefits of advertising within trusted media environments, which are geared towards delivering cutting-edge creative campaigns in technically advanced formats."

Data sourced from Guardian, Financial Times; additional content by Warc staff