VENICE: Media agencies have come under fire, purportedly for failing to teach their young staff the rudiments of an "increasingly scientific profession".

The criticism came from Sital Banerjee (pictured), global media director of electronics firm Philips, who was speaking at this week's Venice Festival of Media.

He accused agencies of showing "disregard and indifference" to providing a basic media education for putative planners.

Banerjee claimed some staff were unfamiliar with the bread-and-butter concepts of reach and frequency: "If they don't know what's behind the software and processes they are using, they don't understand the why and how, then what value can a planner really add to strategies?"

He declared: "When I interact with a cross-section of young people with funny titles around the world I am often amazed and frustrated by their almost complete lack of basic knowledge."

Data sourced from Brand Republic (UK); additional content by WARC staff