NEW YORK: Pershing, the financial solutions provider, has found that a centralised model can help close the gap between marketers and technologists - a crucial task for brands attempting to thrive in the digital universe.

Maureen Duff, managing director/head of global marketing at Pershing - a unit of BNY Mellon - discussed this topic during a webinar organised by the CMO Council.

"We are a centralised marketing team. We operate as an internal agency supporting Pershing and all of our affiliates," she said. (For more, including further details of the company's distinct approach, read Warc's exclusive report: Pershing closes the marketing/technology gap.)

More specifically, Pershing's in-house team of approximately 100 staff manages everything from PR to graphic design, sponsorship, events and PR.

And when the decision was made to ramp up its digital activity, its centralised model also left room to hire specialists in this space.

"That's how we've been successful: that I have the actual technology talent. It's on the marketing team. It reports in to me," said Duff.

While such an approach has not entirely removed the need to work with the organisation's IT department - a stumbling block for many brand custodians - it has allowed significantly greater freedom than is typical.

"I am not completely in a silo where I don't have to use technology at all and don't have to partner with them. I do certainly have to use them for things that are integrated," said Duff.

"For many of the things that we do, I am not subject to the technology resources that are at the enterprise level. And that has proven to be highly, highly valuable and a successful model for our marketing team throughout the years."

Similarly, the fact these capabilities exist within Pershing's four walls means it does not face the struggle of identifying external experts to handle such duties.

This a plus point, Duff asserted, as the broader evidence suggests many business-to-business marketers are "finding it hard to find even outside agencies that have this type of talent".

Data sourced from Warc