PURCHASE, New York: PepsiCo, the food and beverage giant, is modifying its approach to celebrity marketing in a bid to reflect changing media habits among consumers.

The owner of Quaker and Tropicana has allied with Brand Affinity Technologies, a company specialising in tracking popular perceptions regarding 40,000 well-known figures including athletes and actors.

It will employ a system which transforms selected editorial content from the web, like articles and photos, into multimedia applications.

When netizens run their mouse across featured material, they are presented with a range of icons offering further information about the personality concerned, such as YouTube and Yahoo News content.

Initially, PepsiCo will add a link to the Pepsi Refresh Project, before introducing other brands over the coming months.

"BAT delivers relevant insight into the daily ups-and-downs of celebrity affinity, and new and efficient ways to capitalize on consumers' insatiable interest in entertainment and sports," said Bonin Bough, the firm's global director for digital media.

"PepsiCo thrives on partnering with innovative, smart new companies that thrive on breaking new ground. BAT fits the mould perfectly."

Data sourced from PR Newswire; additional content by Warc staff