LONDON: PepsiCo, the food and beverage giant, is seeking to move its European marketing towards a "future state" defined by digital tools such as social media and mobile.

The company's PepsiCo10 incubator scheme for promising start-ups was launched in June 2011, and received over 200 entries covering fields like social networks, mobile, location-based services and gaming.

"We are seeing a creative renaissance driven by digital, which is creating a new canvas for brands to communicate through," Bonin Bough, PepsiCo's director of digital and social media, told Marketing Magazine.

"With PepsiCo10 we are looking to expose ourselves to that future state."

One of chosen ideas was TVTak, an app, developed in France, enabling people watching TV shows or ads to access further relevant information simply by pointing smartphones and tablets at the screen.

Another winner was Slingshot, a button that can be added next to images and details of products on any website, meaning web users are able to enter the item into a shopping basket on their favoured ecommerce vendor, like

Screach, an app from Screenreach Interactive, also attracted PepsiCo's attention, and lets smartphone owners engage with posters and screens, such as by using handsets as a controller for a game, to chat, vote in competitions, take surveys and more.

At the corporate level, PepsiCo selected SoDash, a social media monitoring service providing intelligent software to filter posts on sites like Twitter in order to identify sales opportunities, questions, complaints and similar categories of material.

Roamler, an application from a Dutch company, also allows firms to employ a consumer "workforce" through offering mobile users the chance to earn rewards by completing set tasks.

According to Bough, the emerging habits and trends epitomised by many of these enterprises indicates a broader shift which is taking place in the market.

"At some point, the 9bn pieces of packaging we create across our portfolio will be connected to the web," he said. "We're already moving that way with things like QR codes."

"The question is how we build platforms to enable us to transform our marketing department to meet this challenge."

Data sourced from Marketing Magazine/New Media Age/The Drum; additional content by Warc staff