ORLANDO, FL: PepsiCo, the FMCG group, believes that ramping up its in-house creative capabilities has provided clear advantages in terms of enhanced speed and efficiency, as well as delivering a high standard of marketing output.

Ellen Healy, Senior Marketing Director/Global Consumer Engagement for Pepsi, discussed this subject at the Association of National Advertisers' (ANA) 2017 Media Conference.

More specifically, she pointed to the benefits yielded by the Creators League, an internal division charged with formulating content which truly engages consumers.

"We're definitely more efficient," Healy said when discussing the payoffs delivered by this business unit. (For more details, read Warc's exclusive report: PepsiCo celebrates in-house creativity, speed and efficiency.)

"I think that we're also faster. We have the speed and the ability to move quickly and create more content, because we have the structure internally to do that ... And that is new and it is different."

The motivation behind this in-house content relates in large part to the changing nature of marketing, Healy told the ANA delegates.

"We want to move from traditional marketing to building a collective community around our brands – from marketing a brand of today to crafting ... a future-proof business that delivers rich experiences," she said.

"The future growth of our PepsiCo brands doesn't just live in the bag and the box and the can. We actually need to think about these brands extending far beyond the packaging and the product."

Beyond the benefits of connecting with consumers, this approach also lets PepsiCo explore "monetised opportunities", such as through licensing its content.

Traditional agency partnerships, Healy reported, also remain very much a part of the business model, albeit now supplemented with its own content-generating initiatives.

"We still are working with our creative agencies," she said. "But we're also doing some stuff independently [with increased] efficiencies and speed to market."

Data sourced from Warc