NEW DELHI: PepsiCo India, the food and beverage group that currently lags behind US rival Kellogg in the Indian breakfast market, is focusing on healthy food tailored to local tastes to increase its share.

Idli, dosa, upma and khichdi are all popular breakfast foods in the country, and PepsiCo has decided to launch versions that can be cooked in 3-5 minutes.

Developed in partnership with celebrity chef Vikas Khanna, they will be sold under the Quaker Nutri Foods brand and aimed at Indian millennials, who have indicated they want nutritious, freshly prepared and preferably hot food for breakfast.

According to Livemint, the move is part of a global initiative to shift focus from "fun for you" products, such as snacks and fizzy drinks, to "good for you" and "better for you" brands that fit in with what Indra Nooyi, global CEO of PepsiCo, has called a "purpose-driven future".

"We've realised that to win in nutrition in India, we need to tap into local nutrition needs and offer local products which suit the palettes of the Indian consumers," explained Deepika Warrier, PepsiCo's VP of Nutrition.

PepsiCo's bid to meet Indian consumer tastes is significant because the country's cereal market grew 24% to Rs 1,440 crore in 2015 and is expected to almost double to Rs 2,610 by 2020, according to research firm Euromonitor.

The company's Quaker brand took 13.3% of India's packaged breakfast market that same year, while Kellogg secured about 37% market share.

However, PepsiCo is not stopping with breakfast foods because it is also launching a new range of fortified juices under its Tropicana Essentials brand, which is aimed at addressing specific nutritional deficiencies in India.

As PepsiCo's Warrier explained, the new Tropicana Essentials Fruits and Veggies juice aims to close the gap in the average Indian's consumption of fruit and vegetables.

Data sourced from Livemint; additional content by Warc staff