The Chicago unit of Interpublic’s Foote Cone & Belding has been slapped with a lawsuit by former client Pepsico to prevent the agency from entering into talks with Coca-Cola.

Reminiscent of the adage about dogs and mangers, Pepsi has moved to prevent the shop from seeking business from its arch-rival - having recently fired FCB from its $350 million account [WAMN: 24-Sep-01]. In particular, Pepsi’s paranoia is directed at Coke’s bottled water brand Dansani, which competes head-on with its own Aquafina product, formerly handled by FCB.

The hearing is scheduled for Friday, until when FCB is constrained from discussing the entire bottled water product sector with Coca-Cola. Says Pepsi spokesperson Dick Detwiler: “We did this to protect the confidentiality of information relating to business and strategies.”

News source: New York Times