LONDON: Paid-for mobile search ads may be providing better value than the alternative on desktop PCs, a UK study has argued.

Figures from digital agency Latitude suggested that the typical cost-per-click on mobile search advertising was 37% less expensive than the computer equivalent last month.

Clickthrough levels concerning these links on wireless handsets also rose by 4.9% in March, measured against a 3.3% expansion for the more established PC option.

Overall, 6.7% of clicks on sponsored listings came from netizens utilising mobile devices in the opening three months of the year.

Gaming companies secured 9.5% of all such actions in March, falling to 7.4% regarding automakers and 6.5% for retailers.

"User adoption of mobile search is exceeding advertisers' adoption of the channel, continuing to give those targeting mobile a cost arbitrage," Alex Hoye, Latitude's chief executive, told New Media Age.

Data sourced from New Media Age; additional content by Warc staff