Personal video recorders and other new technologies, although predicted to change the face of advertising, remain an intricate mystery to many UK marketing directors, says a new report, The Living Room of the Future from OMD Snapshots.

A total of 138 marketers were questioned about their views on the effect of technological developments on advertising. Over half (60%) viewed PVR systems such as Sky+ as likely to create "radical change" in the TV marketplace.

They also see them as a way of more accurately targeting their consumers, with 21% believing they will improve TV advertising efficiency.

However, although 93% had heard of PVR technology, a staggering 24% were unsure of how consumers used it and 2% had no idea. The techno-knowhow gap widened as 69% admitted they had never heard of media centre PCs, which enable TV and computer content to be integrated.

Other new technologies were less obscure to the marketing savants: videogames impressed 64% as an important advertising medium of the future, while 48% were won over by Bluetooth mobiles that provide wire-free links between computers, mobile phones, digital cameras and other gadgets.

Says Manning Gottlieb OMD managing director Alison Wright: "Marketing teams should be challenging their agencies to shape up to this new world ... we are prepared to navigate clients through these changes."

Data sourced from: BrandRepublic (UK); additional content by WARC staff