IF ANY DOUBTS existed as to who really calls the tune at the Millennium Dome, the sponsor-driven events of late January/early February dispelled them once and for all. Egged-on by a hostile press and disappointing attendance figures, Dome sponsors demanded and got the head of chief executive Jenny Page, replacing her with Pierre-Yves Gerbeau - a slick American-accented Frenchman, formerly a relatively junior player in the management team that dug Disneyland Paris out of the merde in its early days.

Page, a senior career civil servant who delivered the Dome on time and on budget despite wall-to-wall meddling by some of the most inflated political and commercial egos of our time, went quietly as Pierre-Yves swapped one Mickey Mouse outfit for another and promised to make the Greenwich Trade Show 'the hottest ticket in town'. Meantime [as at 6/2/00], three sponsors - Boots the Chemist, BSkyB and Mars - had yet to sign their contracts with the New Millennium Experience Company.