No surprises here, then.

According to Advertising Age, top of the planet's adspend heap is Procter & Gamble whose annual global media expenditure in 2001 hit $3.8201 billion (€3.78109bn; £2.40565bn). The other members of the Top Ten Club are:

2. General Motors Detroit ($3.0289bn)

3. Unilever London/Rotterdam ($3.0055bn)

4. Ford Motor Company Dearborn, Mich ($2.3090bn)

5. Toyota Toyota City, Japan ($2.2133bn)

6. AOL Time Warner New York ($2.0998bn)

7. Philip Morris Group New York ($1.9346bn)

8. DaimlerChrysler Stuttgart ($1.8353bn)

9. Nestlé Vevey, Switzerland ($1.7985bn)

10. Volkswagen Wolfsburg, Germany ($1.5741bn)

For 2001, AdAge adopted new measurement methodology, ranking marketers by total worldwide media spending across seventy-seven nations. This differs radically from previous surveys when advertisers were assessed by non-US expenditure to avoid including big spenders that advertised only within the USA.

The new methodology examines four regions – the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America – and includes only those companies advertising in a minimum of three of these.

The full report can be downloaded from AdAge.

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