Consumer goods colossus Procter & Gamble and brand management software firm Worldwide Magnifi have unveiled further details of their joint venture offering third parties brand-building advice, first announced in January [WAMN: 24-Jan-01].

The scheme, known until now by the enigmatic title Project EMM (Enterprise Marketing Management), will henceforth be known as Emmperative. Commented Hunter Hastings, the new firm’s ceo: “The new name will reflect our dedication to the emerging Enterprise Marketing Management space and the continued sense of urgency global marketers have when launching new brands in today's competitive market.”

The duo also announced that a unit of Netherlands-headquartered electronics group Royal Philips Electronics has become the project’s first European client. Philips estimates that Emmperative will slash 50% from its marketing implementation expenditure.

News Source: CampaignLive (UK)