CINCINATTI: There are some people who wear a garment once and drop it straight into the laundry basket. There are others who wear a garment once and drop it straight to the floor - before putting it on again next day.

It's this latter group that Procter & Gamble aims to woo with its new Swash product line, which promises to remove stains and odors without the use of a washing machine.

Says P&G North America laundry marketing chief, Kevin Crociata: "This is not meant to replace the wash, but to enhance the re-wear experience that is a big habit with consumers."

The consumer goods titan's research claims around 75% of people re-wear items of clothing three or four times per week.

Following a successful trial among US university students – not noted for their attention to laundry detail - the new Swash line-up includes a stain-erasing pen and a crease-removing spray, and is currently under test in Lexington, Kentucky.

P&G is awaiting the results before deciding how to progress the 'Swash it out' campaign.

Data sourced from USA Today; additional content by WARC staff