CINCINNATTI: OK, so there's nought new about an agency holding company providing specialist marketing teams dedicated to a single client (two examples in Detroit alone). But Procter & Gamble, as ever, has come up with a different angle.

The planet's largest and most pragmatic advertiser has hired Publicis Groupe to develop a unique variation on a well-hummed theme: a cross-discipline, multi-agency squad committed solely to a single brand range.

That range is P&G's Oral-B, acquired in October 2005 along with the rest of the former Gillette empire.

French-owned Publicis is currently assembling a team of specialists from across its networks and across the marketing spectrum. All will work under a single leader - yet to be named.

Seen within (and without) P&G as a new model for the ad industry, the consumer colossus believes it will result in better collaboration between its traditional advertising and marketing-services providers. Disciplines such as in-store marketing, consumer and trade promotions plus direct mail, are being marshalled under the latter banner.

P&G's global marketing officer Jim Stengel (pictured above) looks to the new model to "strengthen accountability, simplify decision-making and generate bigger, better, more holistic ideas."

For every winner, there's a loser - in this case Omnicom Group which pitched unsuccessfully against Publicis for the new project. It now waves 'goodbye' to a raft of Oral-B duties.

Meantime, the project's progress will be tracked with considerable interest by those on both sides of the agency/client fence.

Data sourced from Wall Street Journal Online. additional content by WARC staff