Direct mail, the internet and other promotional marketing techniques are to drain a substantial proportion of Procter & Gamble’s global adspend away from television.

The US-headquartered multinational is actively seeking new and more direct ways of reaching consumers although, according to a company spoke, P&G will not abandon TV altogether: “It will remain a significant part of our budget. The new strategy isn't so much about the dollar amounts involved, but the way we are approaching the market."

Specific audiences will be targeted via mailings of brand samples; they will also be the object of data collection via promotional devices such as contests and special offers. P&G’s Physique shampoo brand, recently launched in the US, is marketed via similar techniques although the company stresses that they will be applied selectively - and (possibly) not at all to mass market brands such as Crest toothpaste and Tide washing powder.

Analysts described P&G's move towards micro-marketing as “shrewd”. Said one: "P&G has understood that you can't walk away from broadcast, but relying on it solely means you miss a huge audience."

News Source: CampaignLive (UK)