Global Goliath Procter & Gamble yesterday revealed that it has entered into partnership with Worldwide Magnifi, a developer of brand management software.

Together, the duo will offer marketing and branding applications to third parties. Provisionally known as Project EMM (Enterprise Marketing Management), the software-based venture focuses on faster, more efficient and effective brand-building. Claiming to enhance collaboration and speed within user companies, EMM will offer "best-practice marketing know-how and practical marketing applications".

At the outset the start-up will target the globe’s top two thousand marketing companies, later extending prospection to medium and smaller enterprises. Advertising agencies are also seen as major prospects.

P&G preserved its traditional zipped lip on EMM’s financial structure, conceding only that it would be a “significant” shareholder in the company. It will also commit a number of senior managers to the partnership, among them Project EMM president Dan Maurer. Heading the start-up as chief executive officer is former Magnifi ceo Hunter Hastings.

News Source: CampaignLive (UK)