CINCINNATI: Following October's launch of Ariel Excel Gel, Procter & Gamble has announced plans to streamline its laundry range over the next five years, culling liquid and tablet variants in favour of the new gel format. Gel versions of its Bold, Daz and Fairy laundry brands will be launched this summer.

The move, to be implemented in three stages, will result in a slimmed down line-up of just three formats: gel, powders and liquitabs, rolled-out over the next three to five years.

As an initial step, all these products will be shrunk in size via concentrated or compact replacements, leaving liquitabs as the only single dose format.

A key element in the rationale for this strategy is P&G's commitment to manufacturing environmentally friendlier products that require less packaging and use less energy in manufacturing.

The low-temperature Excel Gel is the trailblazer for the next generation of P&G laundry products.

Rah-rahed as "a major environmental milestone", it can be used at washing temperatures as low as 15 degrees – a claim challenged by realists who point out that most household washing machines won't operate at that temperature.

During the reign of P&G's recently departed marketing messiah Jim Stengel, somebody decided that this season's 'must have' marketing colour was green – to which end the company has spent in the UK alone more than £12m ($18.04m; €13.27m) on its Ariel Turn to 30 Degrees campaign.

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