Procter & Gamble is reaching out to Generation Y - young, club-haunting consumers - with a mobile marketing campaign for its Crest toothpaste brand.

The Cincinnati-headquartered consumer goods giant is targeting young US clubbers - among whom sweet smelling breath is a distinct advantage - and will advertise on bar napkins and in club powder rooms to pitch an "Irresistibility IQ" quiz.

Those who opt to take the quiz are invited to text a number via their cellphone and can also win prizes, including video iPods.

Explains Carsten Boers, president of Flytxt, the wireless-marketing-services company working on the Crest promotion: "P&G has identified mobile as a major new channel to incorporate into the marketing mix."

Kevin Buss, the brand's interactive marketing manager adds that the medium makes sense, in that the target audience "is more into social life [than average consumers], and we're really trying to connect with consumers in places where they're looking for irresistible fresh breath."

Data sourced from; additional content by WARC staff