SURRY HILLS, Australia: Commercial radio stations Down Under are working with ratings provider Nielsen Media Research to achieve a more accurate reflection of listening habits.

Industry body Commercial Radio Australia says it is sticking with the paper diary system but is changing from 'household flooding' where everyone is given a diary to complete, in favour of one diary given to one person in the household.

CRA ceo Joan Warner believes the change will allow for better management of diary keepers and of demographic groups within the survey.

In addition, it is hoped that participants will be able to fill in their diaries online from next year and 24-hour measurement will be introduced.

Adds Warner: "These enhancements should make completing the survey diary easier by providing people with even better training and greater choice in how they fill it out."

The ratings will continue to be conducted eight times a year in five metropolitan markets; Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth as well as three regional markets: three surveys in Newcastle; two in the Gold Coast area and Canberra.

Meantime, Nielsen is continuing its trials of the electronic IMMI Phone Meter, as a future alternative to paper diaries.

Warner comments [questionably]: "While the diary system remains the only proven and reliable ratings method used around the world at present, the Australian radio industry has an open mind on electronic measurement."

Data sourced from (UK); additional content by WARC staff