Trends in Television, the quarterly review published by Britain's Institute of Practitioners in Advertising points to a continuing rise in overall TV viewing, despite the audience decline at the nation's largest commercial broadcaster ITV.

The latter's diminished share is attributed partially to being outgunned by state-owned broadcaster BBC during the Olympic Games. However, the BBC's state commercial sibling Channel 4 also enjoyed a good quarter in viewing terms.

Demographically, channel performances retain much the same pattern as they have held for some time now. The strong bias of the non-terrestrial audience to the young age groups remains the key feature.

Shares by platform show that all the terrestrial channels hold a larger share of viewing on the digital terrestrial platform Freeview than they do on cable or satellite.

The BBC-sponsored Freeview platform continues to show strong growth. Digital homes continue to grow, having passed the twelve million mark. Conversely, analogue households are declining, and now account for slightly less than 50% of all homes.

Comments IPA Research Director Lynne Robinson: "The latest quarter's figures demonstrates the growing strength of digital television both in terms of its penetration and its positive effects on overall viewing levels."

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Data sourced from Institute of Practitioners in Advertising; additional content by WARC staff