LONDON: The latest dataset from RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research) shows that 8.1 million people weekly now listen to radio shows and news bulletins via the internet. That number also includes those who tune-in via a Listen Again service.

A further 1.87m listen each week to a podcast, while 4.3m say they have downloaded a podcast. A majority listen via Apple's iTunes player.

Interestingly, the upsurge in web-listening does not seem to have affected audience numbers for traditional over-the-air broadcasts.

Three quarters of 'Listen Again' audience members claimed that doing so had no impact on the amount of live radio to which they also listen. Thirteen per cent claim they listen to more live radio. Eight per cent say they listen to less.

Comments RAJAR research director Paul Kennedy: "This survey is very much a toe in the water.  Although we already knew that Listen Again, Personalised Online Radio and Podcasting had many advocates, we knew nothing of their standing in the mainstream.

"This survey tells us and our subscribers, who are actively involved in these areas, more about them."

Data sourced from; additional content by WARC staff