British billboard and bus shelter media prospered in Q1, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association which announced a 19% per cent year-on-year increase in advertising revenues.

This the Association partly attributes to innovation in outdoor media – such as a screen flashing ITN news bulletins at rail commuters in a London train terminus, a 67.5 metre wide billboard, which would stretch across a playing field, and a three-dimensional brassiere ad. The other key factor, says the OAA, is a reappraisal of outdoor by agencies and advertisers who now seek greater efficiencies outside the herd media of TV, radio and press.

Outdoor, the UK's fastest growing advertising sector in 2000, is seen in a bullish light by analysts as mass media become more fragmented. Low cost and simplicity are a major attraction to media-buyers, according to one London entrail-raker. “If you're under pressure to cut a marketing budget, in a short time you can get something that has an effect, and you can put a campaign together quickly,” he opined

Industry leaders agree. Jeremy Male, chief executive officer of JC Decaux UK and Northern Europe, told Reuters: “The first quarter of the year has definitely seen good growth.” While Ron Zeghibe, his counterpart at Maiden Group said: “We're not going to defy gravity … but given our general performance, I would expect to outperform whatever's going on out there."

News Source: CampaignLive (UK)