Targeting archangels, migrating geese and other occupants of the boundless heavens? Call Ryanair now - or rather its ad sales agency, Edinburgh-based Inflight Media.

Ever-eager to wrest extra euros from any source on land, sea or air, Ryanair's eponymous chairman Michael Ryan now offers to adorn the fuselages of his 91-strong Boeing fleet with the logos and branding messages of anyone with €150,000 ($180.5k; £102k) a year burning a hole in their pocket.

Ryanair, Europe's largest budget carrier, has already branded four aircraft plying Irish internal routes with advertising for Jaguar cars, The Sun newspaper, Cable & Wireless and Hertz.

Santina Doherty, Ryanair head of advertising and ancillary revenues, claims that branding aircraft is an effective way to reach the estimated 35 million people who will travel with the airline this year.

However, Nielsen Media Research has no immediate plans to collect viewing data for deities in the coveted 18,000 to 49,000-year age group.

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