PARIS: Mobile network operator Orange is to upgrade its App Shop by setting up a new hub offering developers a single distribution point to reach customers.

Orange Partner Connect will provide a venue for developers to submit applications, monitor sales and collect payments.

They will also be given control over how the products are marketed by having the ability to set aside a proportion of their revenues to pay for online display ads and other promotions.

The current Orange system is fragmented, with many different Orange distribution partners accepting app submissions across Europe.

Orange hopes that the hub will improve the diversity and quality of the products available through its shop.

App developers using the system will collect 70% of revenues generated, with Orange taking the remainder.

A beta version of the service will be live later this month.

By next year, the system will be rolled out across the EMEA region and will accept Android, Java and BlackBerry applications.

Yves Tyrode, executive vice president of Orange Technocentre, said: "With this new service we aim to establish a transparent win-win business partnership that developers can trust to truly market their applications to local audiences."

Data sourced from Orange; additional content by Warc staff