Mobile phone company Orange has joined an organisation aimed at preventing ‘spamming’ (the sending of unwanted marketing messages) through mobile phones with WAP or SMS tehnology.

The Wireless Marketing Association was set up by mobile marketing firms Flytxt, Saverfone, Mediatude and Wireless Commerce Ltd. The organisation is currently in negotiations with other mobile operators, and it is thought that Vodafone is also about to join.

The WMA fears that marketing over mobiles could be overused, annoying consumers and reducing effectiveness. Commented Orange’s manager of strategic relations Ben Hirsch: “We want to ensure a consistency in approach. Is it going to provide a service to the user? If not, then it shouldn't be used — it has to be worthwhile”.

The scheme’s members are also drawing up a code of practice regarding marketing, security, privacy and content. This is expected to be released in January.

News Source: CampaignLive (UK)