Relationships between brands and consumers are a one-sided affair. Or so implies the latest study from Impiric, Young & Rubicam’s marketing services arm.

The report, Brand Partnership: What Consumers Want from 1-to1 Marketing, revealed that only 35% of the 1,660 adults sampled saw themselves as having a ‘solid relationship’ – positive or negative – with seven categories of brands ranging from ISPs to retail stores to airlines.

The brands most frequently perceived to command a positive relationship were in the retail and credit card sectors, among them American Express, Dell Computer, Palm and Walmart. At the negative end of the spectrum were airlines websites and telecoms companies. Relationship-wise, and Sprint were prominent among the brand pariahs.

The study also found [and you’d never have guessed this in a thousand millennia] that consumers enjoy better relationships with brands that value them and understand and meet their needs.

News source: Advertising Age - Daily Deadline