SINGAPORE: The vast majority of internet users in Asia Pacific now regularly consume online video, with YouTube and Facebook among the portals which are attracting large audiences.

According to figures from comScore, the research firm, 198.8 million Chinese netizens aged 15 years old or over watched a total of 10.3 billion videos in January this year.

This was equivalent to a reach of 81.6% among the country's online population, with the average viewer streaming 441 minutes of content during the month.

Some 60.3 million Japanese consumers – or 84.9% of the audience base – also spent 753 minutes apiece engaged in this activity in the first month of 2010, accessing 8.4 billion items overall in this period.

In Australia, 10.7 million people played back 933 million videos, but while this equated to a penetration of 81.5%, the amount of time individuals devoted to this pursuit reached just 390 minutes.

Eight out of ten web users in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia also participated in this form of media use, but while uptake levels hit 650 minutes in the first of these markets, they stood at only 239 minutes in the last.

Youku, Tudou and were the most popular services in China in terms of the total number of clips viewed, comScore found.

Sites forming part of Google's portfolio, which is centred around YouTube, took the top spot in all of the other countries assessed, while Facebook made the top three in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.

"Online video viewing has become an essential part of the digital consumer experience in the Asia-Pacific region," said Will Hodgman, comScore's executive vice president for the region.

"As the lines between TV and online video continue to blur, it is increasingly important for marketers to understand these audiences and how to reach and engage them effectively."

Data sourced from Asia Media Journal; additional content by Warc staff