BERLIN: The average web user in Germany now spends more than two hours online every day, new figures show.

A survey of 1,000 people, aged 14 years old and above, conducted by BITKOM, the digital industry body, revealed the typical netizen dedicates 135 minutes to this activity on a daily basis.

Totals increased among well-qualified members of the internet population, with 48% of highly-educated contributors committing a minimum two hours surfing the net in this period.

Age also plays a role, as 60% of respondents under 30 years old devoting 120 minutes to this pastime each day, falling to 14% for 50–64 year olds and just 8% for participants 65 year olds.

Overall, 70% of Germans access the web "occasionally", including 30% spending a maximum of 60 minutes browsing content in any given 24 hours.

Ratings stood at between one and two hours for 35% of the panel, while 26% logged on for at least two hours but less than five hours in the same timeframe.

"Heavy users", namely those with more than five hours per day, made up 9% of the potential audience, 8% of which are in the five-to-ten hour range, and 1% where this reached double-digits.

Data sourced from BITKOM; additional content by Warc staff