NEW YORK/LOS ANGELES: Every month more than half of Americans over the age of 12 are listening to online radio as it becomes part of everyday life new research has shown.

A survey from Edison Research and Triton Digital interviewed 2,002 people on their use of digital platforms and new media. The resulting report – The Infinite Dial 2015 – stated that 53% listened to online radio monthly and 44% listened on a weekly basis.

This was, said John Rosso, president/market development at Triton Digital, "perhaps the most significant finding" in the report.

"For years Americans have been occasional listeners," he said, "but for the first time it's apparent that streaming audio has become an ingrained part of our lives.

"This is a huge opportunity for publishers and marketers to better identify and target their listeners to maximise ad-based revenue."

Pandora was identified as the leading internet-only audio service. More than half (54%) of internet audio users say that Pandora is the service they listen to most often followed by iHeartRadio (11%), Spotify (10%), and iTunes Radio (8%).

Other audio-related findings included the rise of podcasting, as monthly audio podcast consumption grew from approximately 39m monthly users in 2014 to approximately 46m in 2015.

And YouTube is an essential music platform: nearly two-thirds (63%) of all users and nine-in-ten 12-24 year olds have used YouTube to watch music videos or listen to music.

A separate report from Nielsen emphasised the younger age of the typical radio listener, with Millennials forming the single biggest listening group at 66.6m a week, ahead of Generation X and Boomers, each of which brings in 57.9m weekly listeners.

And they also listen a lot – more than 11 hours a week – with some three quarters of that taking place outside the home and close to making purchasing decisions.

Data sourced from Business Wire, Nielsen; additional content by Warc staff