OTTAWA: A majority of internet users claim to devote more time to browsing the web than watching television during the week, according to a new study covering a number of markets around the world., the news portal, partnered with Ipsos Reid, the research firm, to survey 24,000 netizens across the globe in order to gain an insight into their current media habits.

Overall, 68% of respondents agreed that they now spend longer surfing the net than viewing broadcast content from Monday to Friday.

Scores on this measure reached a peak of 89% in China, 87% in Russia and 77% in Turkey, where levels of internet access remain modest when compared with the US and Western Europe.

Even in the countries which delivered the lowest totals on this metric, a plurality of participants stated that the web commanded their attention more often than broadcast material shown on TV.

More specifically, figures fell to 55% among contributors in Belgium, 57% for their counterparts in Canada and 58% in France.

However, Steve Mossop, president of Ipsos Reid, suggested the fact online penetration is still so limited in many developing markets means the overall shift will be a gradual, long-term one.

"I don't think the TV is going anywhere. [Online] growth rates are significant, but the full implications are still a number of years away," he said.

Data sourced from; additional content by Warc staff