HAMBURG: Almost a third of internet users in Germany now spend more time online than watching TV, as media consumption habits in the country continue to evolve.

According to the European Interactive Advertising Association, 30% of netizens in Germany regularly view video content ranging from television shows to user-generated clips on the web.

Members of this digitally engaged group typically devote 13.8 hours a week to surfing the net, compared with 12.2 hours watching TV.

These consumers watch less TV than the norm of 12.8 hours posted by the online population as whole, the EIAA reported.

More broadly, 67% of this former demographic go online every day, while only 59% watch broadcast material in the traditional way with the same level of frequency.

Turning to mobile, 13% of consumers who are the most enthusiastic about online video log on to the web using their handsets at least once a week, dedicating 6.3 hours to this activity over a seven day period.

Elsewhere, this cohort tends to make more purchases from e-commerce portals than the norm, buying eleven items in such a way every six months.

Data sourced from European Interactive Advertising Association; additional content by Warc staff