BEIJING: More than two-thirds of urban Chinese internet users stream films, download music or visit social networks, according to research from KPMG.

The consultancy carried out an online survey of 1,000 urban Chinese consumers, reported eMarketer, and found that 72% of respondents accessed social networks or streamed music at least once a month.

A further 68% typically downloaded music in the same period, while 67% streamed films online.

A number of other digital activities were popular with internet users. These included keeping up with the news (61%), accessing maps and directions (57%), streaming live TV shows (56%), viewing magazine websites (53%), watching sports events (53%), playing online games (52%) and reading digital books (51%).

KPMG also compared online habits in China with those in other nations and regions, including Europe, North America, Australia, Singapore and Brazil.

Chinese internet users led these other parts of the world when it came to digital tasks like listening to music, accessing international and business news, consuming online travel content, gaming, viewing sports content, streaming TV shows and films, and reading e-books.

Often the differences with other regions were slight, but in several instances they were more marked.

For example, 62% of urban China internet users sought out business news, a falling to 39% for second-placed Singapore. Moreover, 62% of Chinese respondents read opinion pieces, compared to 38% in Brazil.

If this picture presented of internet use in urban China is replicated in other areas of the country as internet access becomes more widespread, then, eMarketer suggested, there will be opportunities for advertisers coming into the market.

Data sourced from eMarketer; additional content by Warc staff