LONDON: Online adspend will continue to rise in Europe over the next two years, as marketers increasingly divert funds away from traditional media and towards the web, a new study by the European Interactive Advertising Association predicts.

The organisation conducted a survey among senior marketing executives in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

According to its figures, 83% of this sample have increased their internet advertising expenditure during 2009 to date, while 94% plan to do so in 2010, as do 93% in 2011.

Participants in the organisation's Marketer's Internet Ad Barometer also forecast the medium's revenue levels will rise by 7.6% next year, and a further 15% over the following 12 months.

More than eight in ten of this group stated they were "satisfied" with the performance of the web as an advertising tool, when this term was defined as indicating they gave it an approval rating of 60% or more.

With regard to media planning, 36% had heightened their scheduled online activity in the second half of this year – up from 28% in the first half – while 31% said value for money was the main motivation for boosting their output in this area.

Some 30% of respondents that had raised their internet adspend had withdrawn these resources from other direct marketing initiatives, while 36% had transferred budgets from TV to the web.

This total reached 59% among bigger companies, with 47% of firms in this group also making more use of new technology such as targeted advertising.

More broadly, 61% of contributors were placing more emphasis on email marketing, a figure that stood at 33% for behavioural targeting, 31% for ad networks, and 36% for affiliate marketing.

A third of organisations are also currently employing mobile advertising as part of their communications mix, while 19% reported they are now making more use of this emerging platform.

Over 80% of the panel thought that mobile adspend had improved this year, and 97% expected this trend to continue over the period to 2011.

Moreover, the EIAA found that 33% of marketers have turned with greater frequency to online video, while 20% said this growth was being funded by resources previously allocated to other forms of media.

Data sourced from EIAA; additional content by Warc staff