CHICAGO: What goes around comes around. Time was when all ad agencies were one-stop shops: creative, press, TV, outdoor, radio, direct marketing, sale promotion, PR. You name it, they did it.

Then sometime in the seventies a still small voice whispered the mantra 'Specialization Sells'. And so began two and a half decades of frenetic agency acquisitions, spinoffs and diversifications.

But now the wheel has gone full circle with Publicis Groupe announcing the creation of Insight Factory - a single provider of all those goodies that 70s marketers expected to find under a single roof.

Insight Factory will corral the various skills and talents of the group's recently acquired digital specialist Digitas with those of media specialist Starcom MediaVest plus creative input from the Leo Burnett agency network

The move is timely. Marketers are said to be increasingly restless at the infighting and time-wasting within the various units of the five major holding companies as they compete individually - often against each other - for a client's ad dollars.

The new entity will be managed by an executive board comprising senior directors from Burnett, Digitas and Starcom.

They hope to make history by reincarnating it.

Data sourced from Wall Street Journal Online. additional content by WARC staff