LONDON/WASHINGTON: Of the many challenges facing Bob Lutz, who was recently handed overall responsibility for General Motors' marketing efforts, overcoming negative perceptions about his age will be among the greatest, says WARC's regular columnist, Tummler.

In his latest column – available here – Tummler cites an article by Jean Halliday in Advertising Age, which raised a common concern said to be held in "advertising circles" – namely, that "vast experience could work against Bob Lutz," who is 77 years old.

This is regarded as a particularly important issue given that "selling cars is increasingly about amplifying peer-to-peer recommendations and data-driven direct marketing," Halliday wrote.

However, Tummler argues this debate is not based on any genuine concern about the abilities and experience of General Motors' new vice chairman.

Rather, it is grounded in Madison Avenue's mistaken belief about "the mythic inability of anyone out of their teens to understand the SWOTs of advertising and digital media."

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Data sourced from WARC Online