As millions of US consumers discover online services – such as banking, health information, news, shopping and stock dealing – online commerce has erupted into the mass market, claims the third annual AOL/Roper Starch Cyberstudy, published yesterday.

The jointly conducted survey of online behavior and attitudes also reveals a healthy and increasing demand for non-PC access to the web – via mobile phones, voice portals and digital TV.

Other main findings are:

* More than half of respondents say they shop online – nearly double the percentage two years ago.

* The percentage of respondents who said they spent more than $500 online in the previous three months leapt by over a third in just one year.

* More than half of users would be interested in using a small internet device to go online from any room in their house.

* Three-fifths of respondents believe that every room in their house will be wired for internet access within the next ten years.

* Almost half of users log on to their home accounts even when they away from home.

* More than half of respondents would be interested in checking their email via their TV.

* Two-thirds of online users would be interested in visiting a Web site they'd seen on TV without leaving their TV to find it.

News source: Advertising Age - Interactive Daily