Ogilvy One’s London office this week launches a new digital marketing campaign employing so-called ‘viral marketing’ for Nestlé UK brand Friskies Pet Care.

The agency has set-up a new viral marketing unit to exploit web ‘word-of-mouth’ techniques similar to those that hyped horror movie The Blair Witch Project to a staggering box office success. The new unit, says Ogilvy One management partner John Owrid, is a reaction to marked changes in client attitudes to interactive and CRM issues.

According to Owrid: “Traditional marketing strategies have never translated well to the web. Broadcasting is costly and high-risk [while] online CRM remains an intangible dream. However, as the net's infrastructure gets stronger, viral marketing gets easier and the rewards for those who can do it properly get bigger. The only media which has ever really worked well on the net is word of mouth. Viral marketing is a strategy which helps our clients take advantage of that word of mouth.”

Owrid claims that the new viral marketing unit is simply phase one of a major plan.

News Source: CampaignLive (UK)