SINGAPORE: Marketers seeking to engage young male web users in Asia Pacific must consider utilising a variety of "screens" and advertising formats, a study has argued.

Microsoft Advertising, a unit of the global IT firm, and MEC, the media network, polled 4,200 "pre-family men" in six countries: Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan.

One key finding from the survey was that members of this demographic employ a diverse range of devices to access social networks.

More specifically, 40% of contributors primarily used laptops when undertaking this pastime, a total standing at 35% for personal computers, and 20% for smartphones.

Laptops and PCs also tended to take precedence when sending important emails or conducting business transactions, with smartphones thus typically more popular for leisure activities.

Similar trends were observable concerning gaming, with 56% of the panel following this pursuit either on social networks or using smartphone apps.

Figures here fell to 35% for home consoles, and 33% for specialist portable devices, meaning gaming has taken on an increasingly communal tone, the research found.

Overall, the study suggested "pre-family men" should be particularly attractive to marketers, given their comparative youth, rising purchasing power and enthusiasm for digital media.

It also asserted that 20% of interviewees were "innovators and early adopters" boasting significant levels of influence over their peers.

"With the immense growth seen amongst this group, brands and marketers need to understand their value, and how they think at the different stages of their lives or their career," said Kenneth Andrew, marketing director, Microsoft Advertising.

Data sourced from Microsoft Advertising; additional content by Warc staff