NEW YORK: Is there a corner of the ad business where Google hasn't spotted the opportunity to turn a dollar? That's a question uneasy agencies are asking as the search juggernaut stomps into yet another advertising sector: direct response TV. 

According to AdWeek it's a deal "buyers have been pushing for", an assertion that probably owes more to Google's PR department than a stampede of direct response TV buyers eager to thrust their ad dollars into Google's outstretched hands.

The deal between Google and direct response TV transaction auctioneer CoreDirect, is yet another incursion into the backyard of  traditional TV, both by Google andits new ally.

Both parties claim their pact makes the process of buying spots via Google much easier to analyze.

Crows Heather Lang, vp, associate group media director at Chicago-based direct response firm A Eicoff:  "I've been working with both sides to help them understand our needs to make this happen. They've finally nailed it down and it's working.

"Their set-top box data shows us down to the second where customers are tuning out of spots. We haven't had that kind of granularity before."

She says that the agreement between the two companies enables GoogleTV spots to flow directly into analytical software, with significant time-savings.

Data sourced from AdWeek (USA); additional content by WARC staff