SYDNEY: Nokia, Google and Vegemite are among the most popular brands with Australian consumers, according to a new survey conducted by George Patterson Y&R, one of the country's biggest communications companies.

The WPP Group agency's Brand Asset Valuator report was the first for three years, and was based on a poll of 4,000 consumers, who were asked for their opinions of 120 brands in 139 categories.

Google, the online giant, took the top spot this year, compared with the fourth position it occupied in GPY&R's rankings from 2006.

It was followed by Nokia, the mobile specialist, Vegemite, the yeast-based spread produced by Kraft, Microsoft, the IT titan, and Sony, the electronics manufacturer.

Bunnings Warehouse, the hardware group, Ikea, the furniture chain, Coca-Cola, the sparkling beverage, Tim Tam, the biscuit brand and the Wii, Nintendo's games console, closed out the top ten.

Three property companies – Investra, Hudson and Australand – were among the least favoured brands, as were GQ and Grazia magazines, House of Windsor Foods and Aurora, the coffee range.

Carlton & United Breweries, and the apparel brands Mambo, Stussy, Sportsgirl and Quicksilver, also all saw their overall positions decline this year.

With regard to the goods consumers perceived as having the greatest positive "energy", the iPhone, made by Apple, and the Wii were among the most frequently-mentioned items.

Panadol, Colgate and Band Aid led the charts when it came to brands that were trusted by participants, while automakers such as BMW, Citroen and Land Rover posted decreases on this measure.

Youi, the insurance company, and ING, the financial services specialist, also enjoyed growth in this area at the expense of the majority of their more long-established counterparts.

David Evans, national research director, GPY&R Brand Asset Consulting, said "what we're seeing here are high-engagement players taking precedence over the more traditional and prestige brands."

"There is a new dynamic here which will have a significant impact on how marketers invest in their in their brands in the future."

Data sourced from BandT/AdAge; additional content by Warc staff