MUMBAI: Nokia, Tata and Sony are the brands enjoying the highest levels of trust among Indian shoppers, a study has revealed.

Trust Research Advisory surveyed 2,310 people in nine cities to gauge popular views concerning leading companies and products, based on metrics such as altruism, empathy, enthusiasm, respect and sincerity.

Nokia, the telecoms giant, topped the charts, and currently holds an estimated 30% market share in the country, according to Gartner.

Tata, a conglomerate active in sectors from automotive to consultancy, followed in second.

Electronics manufacturers Sony, LG and Samsung completed the top five, with these firms now in increasingly intense competition.

Reliance, another holding group trading in areas including energy and retail, took sixth, ahead of state insurance agency LIC.

Automaker Maruti and mobile communications specialists Airtel and Vodafone also inspired considerable confidence when mentioned to the panel.

Pepsi occupied 36th position, easily beating major rival Coca-Cola, which was 24 places behind.

Elsewhere in the report, cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, an ambassador for various brands, claimed 59th spot.

"Trust is a very subjective term," said N Chandramouli, Trust Research Advisory's chief executive.

"Over time, the more evident connotations of trust like pedigree, size, performance have changed, and the subtler forces are beginning to exert their influence."

Godrej, a diversified organisation present in segments such as construction, FMCG and home appliances, was 22nd, and is seeking to enhance its status.

"Trust as a value evolved to being more about empathy which helps the brand deliver powerful and innovative experiences to its consumers, and thus going beyond insights and products alone," said chairman Adi Godrej.

"Godrej believes that the copyright of its brand is actually held by the millions of consumers, partners and employees in its ecosystem and is activated every time someone somewhere chooses Godrej."

Dabur, the fourth largest player in India's FMCG industry and 45th in the rankings, is similarly aiming to win the "hearts and minds" of shoppers.

"Brand Dabur touches million of Indians every day," said PD Narang, Dabur's group director.

"Our continual focus on offering our consumers superior and quality products at affordable price points have helped us achieve this."

Data sourced from Business Standard, Dabur, Trust Research Advisory; additional content by Warc staff