NEW YORK: Nokia, the telecoms giant, and Pampers, the baby products range, are among the most trusted brands in the world, according to the results of a study covering more than 20 markets. 

Millward Brown and The Futures Company, both part of WPP Group, have produced a new report which discussed the products that consumers trusted and would be willing to recommend to others.

Their research, based on interviews with shoppers used as part of the BrandZ database, spanned 22 countries, and delivered an index ranking, with 100 points indicating an "average" score.

Overall, 49% of brands fell in to the 94 to 104 points range, with 27% being rated as "good", meaning they achieved more than 105 points.

Within this latter figure, 11% came in between 110 and 119 points, while just 1% received over 120 points.

Nokia was the top-ranked brand in eight markets, including China, Taiwan and Thailand in Asia, and Italy, Russia and Sweden in Europe.

Pampers - owned by Procter & Gamble, the world's biggest advertiser - took first place in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Colgate toothpaste topped the rankings in Mexico and Australia, where Cadbury Dairy Milk, Visa and Olay were also popular.

Toyota, the automaker, was named as number one in Canada and Japan, although the research was completed before the company was forced to recall a large number of vehicles.

Lindt chocolate took the honours in Spain, as did Douwe Egberts coffee in the Netherlands, Surf Excel washing powder in India, and Microsoft, the IT titan, in the Czech Republic.

Amazon, the online retailer, was the brand which enjoyed the most favourable perceptions in the US, on 123 points, ahead of FedEx, the delivery firm, on 122 points.

Downey and Tide, both part of Procter & Gamble's portfolio, and Tylenol, manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, also scored 120 points apiece.

Toyota, WebMD, Pampers and UPS rounded out the American top ten, with the first two brands on 119 points, and the second two on 118 points.

Nigel Hollis, chief global analyst of Millward Brown, said "when a person recommends a brand they put their own personal trust and credibility on the line. They are only willing to recommend brands which themselves have proven reliable and trustworthy."

" … has achieved that status through exceptional service and providing its own recommendations to users. This combination has made Amazon the gold standard of trust and recommendation in the US."

Local operators dominated in Brazil and South Korea, where Porto Seguro, the insurance specialist, and Cheju SamDaSoo, the bottled water, were the most respected offerings.

The "TrustR" leaders in each of these nations had a "brand-customer bond" that was ten times stronger than normal, and was nearly seven times more likely to be purchased overall, the study indicated.

More broadly, the attachment consumers have to a specific brand was found to be 50% higher when they are confident in the product concerned and would be happy to advise others to buy it, Millward Brown and The Futures Company reported.

Data sourced from Millward Brown; additional content by Warc staff