NEW YORK: Nissan, the automaker, enjoyed an increase in market share and various other core brand metrics in Brazil thanks to its sponsorship activities associated with the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Jonathan Adashek, the car manufacturer's Chief Communications Officer, discussed its Tier 1 sponsorship tie-up with the Games – a deal applying to communications run in the competition's 2016 host nation – in an interview with Warc.

"Our sponsorship was a bold statement for a brand with only 2.5% market share in the local market, but we dared to," he said. (For more details of the brand's strategy, read Warc's exclusive report: Nissan's Olympic sponsorship drives long-term affinity, short-term sales in Brazil.).

"The Olympic platform was an opportunity to raise awareness about Nissan and our long-term commitment to Brazil."

Alongside a wide-ranging campaign spanning traditional and digital media – and boasting the optimism-inspiring tagline "Quem Se Atreve", or "Who Dares Go Beyond" – Nissan ran numerous live events and activations in Rio itself.

"As a company, Nissan is continuously challenging itself to look for innovations within its product portfolio – similar to how the world's greatest athletes challenge themselves to make it to the Olympics and compete on a global stage," said Adashek.

Proof came with the introduction of a new vehicle, the Nissan Kicks, to coincide with the Games. The car's design was directly influenced by Brazil, which was its first launch market worldwide.

As well as securing impressive consumer engagement online and at its in-person occasions, Nissan's overall success was further demonstrated by the fact that more than 2,000 registrations and down payments were received for its Kicks models.

The company's market share in the Latin American country rose by a whole percentage point during its sponsorship of the sporting spectacular, too, indicating this initiative had delivered a tangible impact on revenue.

"We can confidently say we have raised awareness of the Nissan brand in Brazil – and most importantly, validated the significance our sponsorship has had throughout Brazil and Latin America," Adashek said.

"And, most importantly, it will provide a lasting effect on the marketplace."

Data sourced from Warc