LONDON: Now that the Summer Olympics are over, ad-tracking specialists have been poring over the data and it appears, on at least a couple of measures, that Japanese car-maker Nissan stood out as a brand winner for its marketing campaign.

Stephan Shakespeare, CEO and co-founder of research firm YouGov, said many high profile brands associated with the Olympics struggled to connect with the public over the last month, but "one notable exception" was Nissan.

In an article for City A.M., a London business newspaper, he referred to YouGov's ad awareness metric, which tests whether someone has viewed a brand's ad over the past two weeks.

According to YouGov, the ad awareness metric for Nissan increased by five points over the past month, which Shakespeare said indicated that "its multi-channel activity has worked well".

He noted too that other big name brands, such as McDonald's and Visa, saw little movement in their scores, although he acknowledged that the Rio games struggled with a host of controversies, ranging from the Zika virus scare to poorly attended events.

Shakespeare went on to say that the National Lottery may turn out to be the biggest UK brand winner from the Olympics because of its much-publicised role in funding sports development, which culminated in Team GB's huge success at the games.

Nissan was also named as the biggest winner among Team GB sponsors in a separate study conducted by WE Communications, Marketing Week reported.

WE produced a "Brand Agility Index", which rated brands out of five in areas such as a campaign's scalability, relevance, the speed at which it responds on social media, engagement, originality, personalisation and sentiment.

A particular focus is concentrated on mentions that specifically include both a brand's name and a reference to the Olympics.

Based on these results, WE assigned Nissan a total index ranking of 99 points and said the company had achieved 4,025 total mentions in the UK.

Sportswear firm Adidas and Aldi, the German discount supermarket chain, also did well after achieving total index rankings of 88 points and 85 points respectively.

"Aldi, Nissan and Adidas all appeared to have clear content strategies for the games this year. Albeit lacking real time prowess, all managed to keep fans engaged throughout the event," said Gareth Davies, Head of Digital and Insight at WE.

Data sourced from City A.M., Marketing Week; additional content by Warc staff