LONDON: Nissan, the car manufacturer, is further developing its approach to branded content via a partnership with Google, the online giant.

The two are coming together to launch a motor-themed YouTube channel, Nismo.TV, which will feature behind the scenes footage of Nissan's motorsport team engaging in various projects such as the preparation of vehicles for races.

The channel will also have footage of Nissan's GT Academy activity – which sees selected video-gamers progress to become real racing drivers.

The other side of the deal will see the YouTube brand appearing alongside the Nismo.TV logo on Nissan cars competing in races such as the Blancpain Endurance and LeMans Series.

"Through tie-ups with someone like YouTube we aim to make Nissan the most accessible brand in the sport," said Darren Cox, Nissan director of global, motorsport.

"Innovation is what Nissan does best and with YouTube we can go out there and break the rules when it comes to engaging with our audience," he added.

He also told Marketing Week that further Nissan YouTube channels would be launched later in the year.

Dedicated channels mark a step up from existing activity. Last month, Erich Marx, director of integrated and social media marketing at Nissan, said the auto marque would be tagging content "to encourage and optimize search activity".

"Seeding the video is a must," he stated. "It's like giving a child a push on a two-wheeler bike. Even great content benefits from a few strategically placed, paid placements."

For YouTube, Julie Kikla, strategic partner development manager, said that such partnerships helped improve the video-sharing site's library of content and promote the site as a media resource.

Data sourced from Marketing, Marketing Week; additional content by Warc staff